Rules & Regulation

(Disclaimer, please carefully read and accept)

  • Number of Players – 8
  • Upon entering the dressing room, the players have to show their University valid ID card.
  • There will be 8 overs per match.
  • Each player can bowl 2 overs per match.
  • 2 runs will be awarded to the opposition team for every “Wide” and “No ball” delivered.
  • If a batsman covers 50 runs, he will be considered “Retired Hurt”. The “Retired Hurt” batsman can come and bat again after the last wicket has fallen and only if there are overs left.
  • After fall a wicket next batsman should get in the pitch within 30 seconds.
  • The player's list should be submitted 1 hour prior to the game.
  • There will be a 10 minutes break between the innings.
  • Each of the bowling team will get 30 minutes to complete their bowling innings, otherwise a penalty* will be imposed. *Penalty – If the 8 overs are not completed within the stipulated 30 minutes, then the remaining overs will be deducted when they are batting.
  • If bowling in the 2nd inning is not completed within the stipulated 30 minutes then a penalty will be awarded.*Penalty – If the 8 overs are not completed within the stipulated 30 minutes, then the average scores of the remaining overs will be calculated and deducted from the bowling side. However the remaining overs MUST be completed.
  • By laws – The above rules comply with the rules of standard ICC ODI playing condition 2011-2012.
  • The umpire’s decision in the field will be final.


  • All the registered teams should report to the game authority at least 1 hour before the game.
  • All the teams must enter the Reserved Dressing Room 1 hour before the games.
  • All the teams should clear the dressing rooms within 10 minutes after the match.
  • The player list should be submitted 1 hour prior to the game.
  • The “Toss” will take place 45 minutes prior to the game.
  • If any team fails to report on time, then the Tournament Committee will give them further 20 minutes. If the team still fails to report, the opposing team will be rewarded points for the scheduled match.

In any case if a team “Walks Out”, then they will not be able to take further part in the tournament.

Dress Code:

  • The players and officials will have similar jerseys. Coach and Manager will have text on the back.
  • Sports shoes are a must.
  • No spike shoes allowed.
  • We will be using yellow balls for the game, hence yellow jerseys will not be allowed.
  • The design of jerseys- logo size, color, placement, and accuracy- must follow the prescribed instruction provided in the CD.
  • Every team must play with Cricket Bat and Gloves. If needed, team can use Batting pad, Helmet, Abdomen Guard, etc. while bating.

Other Rules:

  • The tournament committee can take any legal action if any kind of indiscipline or breaking of any rule is committed.
  • The tournament committee can change, add, and alter any rules before the match.
  • The universities are welcome to use placards, banners to encourage their respective teams during a match (*rules apply).
  • No universities are allowed to advertise for any kind of soft drinks during the tournament inside or outside the stadium.
  • Any other sticker on playing kits besides the manufacturers will not be accepted.
  • Visiting students/audience from the universities will have to maintain discipline. For any unacceptable or breaking of the rules, necessary action will be taken by the tournament committee.
  • On the opening day, all the participating team’s captain, coaches and the manager should be present.
  • The tournament committee will not be responsible for any physical, financial and any other damages during the tournament and post tournament period of team members and the viewers of participating team.
  • Only the registered tournament players will be able to gain access to the dressing room in the venue.

N/B: Each team will have to Participate in all their matches. They cannot leave without playing their remaining match.

Violation of any rules will be punishable. If in case it is occurred, tournament committee will preserve all the authority to take necessary steps against the team and their members.